Combination Cottage Garden Shed

Combination Cottage Garden Shed

Combination Cottage Garden Shed Description

The Combination Cottage Garden Shed provides two buildings under one roof. The building is divided internally by means of a solid partition wall. Each compartment is accessed by a separate door, giving rise to varied uses. E.g. Garden Storage/Utility, Utility/Playhouse, Playhouse/Kennel etc. The length of this model is usually longer than its depth. The front elevation can be further complimented by a choice of coated roofing materials. With the addition of a gutter and down pipe the roofing system can provide an excellent method of harvesting rainwater. The Combination Cottage Garden Shed can be adapted and personalised by type & arrangement of windows and doors chosen. (Please see Window & Door variations)

The Combination Cottage comes in both painted and unpainted options meaning it can be customised to suit its surroundings. If you have a particular colour scheme in mind and have the paint name or RAL number we will do our utmost to colour match at no additional cost.

Check our our Gallery for further ideas. We update it regularly with some of our most recent deliveries to showcase all the options available both in design and customisation options. Boyne Garden Sheds also have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all linked on the right of this page.

Supplied as standard

  • Insulated non-corosive metal roof
  • Window inset door (position variable)
  • 2 Cottage windows complete with window boxes on 10ft and 12ft models
  • 3 Cottage windows complete with window boxes on 14ft and 16ft models
  • 4 Cottage windows complete with window boxes on 18ft and 20ft models
  • Side:
  • Inset window door & matching window
  • All over:
  • Smooth pressure treated shiplap or spray painted panels
  • Choice of insulated, non-corrosive corrugated or tile effect metal roofing
  • Gutter with downpipe included on front of building
  • Internal white waterproof liner and air vents
  • Solid board pressure treated floor
  • Supporting pressure treated sub-frame
  • Galvanised or black hinge and pad bolts

Optional Extras

  • Double windows available on 16ft – 20ft models with double length window boxes
  • Double door options on 10ft gable
  • Rear guttering
  • Internal shelving
  • Cay’s lock
  • Stable door
  • Optional side windows


Width x DepthWidth x DepthWidth x Depth
10 x 610 x 8 
12 x 612 x 8 

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